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Ap Government Assignment

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Ap Government Assignment

Our assignment was to make up a quiz about our unit. I have made my quiz I just need someone to take it and put the correct answers to see if it all makes sense.

thanks in advance...



1. Which of the following is MOST true?

a. Most protest today is aimed at getting the government's attention
b. Most protest today is aimed at overthrowing the government
c. Most protest today is illegal and causes serious urban upheaval
d. Protest movements have become much more violent since the 1960's.

2. The "elite" portion of our political society tend to influence our government most often by which of the following two ways according to Wilson?

a. Cash and campaigning
b. Using their access to the media and defining cultural norms
c. Defining and correcting economic problems
d. Protesting and picketing

3. Wilson defines the "political elite" as:

a. those who have a long history of public protest and media coverage
b. those who hold office, run for office, work in campaigns or lead interest groups
c. those who are members of the upper class
d. those who have extremely conservative viewpoints

4. Which of the following is NOT a reason Wilson gives for the 1970's (forward) liberalism among college students?

a. the young tend to go through a rebellion against their parents conservative "old-fashioned" views
b. People who attend college, especially post-graduate students become more open-minded due to exposure
c. Colleges teach liberal thought and ideology
d. The conservative approach (institutionalization) of public high schools

5. The theory that the death penalty is disproportionately given to African-American males has:

a. pushed many blacks into the Democratic party and its anti-death penalty policies
b. caused many statisticians and judiciaries to re-evaluate the use of the death penalty
c. resulted in countless protest vigils
d. all of the above

6. The Democratic Party has historically been more appealing to American Jews primarily because:

a. They are all very wealthy and do not mind heavy taxation
b. They identify with the persecution and trials of the poor and downtrodden
c. They identify with Hollywood
d. They identify with the corporate elite and prefer trickle-down economics

7. The KISS method is most effective in terms of polling the general voting populace primarily due to:

a. the more complicated the issue, the less likely the voter is to actually vote
b. voters only focus on the candidate's personality and not the issues
c. public opinion suffers a great deal from ignorance, instability, and sensitivity to the way questions are worded
d. all polls must be bias-free in order to be effective, and no polls are bias-free

8. Which of the following is BEST represented by the Leo Frank case in Georgia?

a. the dangers of uncontrolled immigration
b. the lack of Democratic support for Tom Watson
c. the hatred of blacks in Georgia in the 1920's
d. the dangers of bandwagoning in public opinion

9. Which of the following is BEST represented by Tom Watson in Georgia?

a. the role of demogouges in American politics
b. the significance of today's media
c. the depth of racism and separatism in Georgia in the 1920's
d. all of the above


1. Asian-Americans today tend to be more conservative.
2. African-Americans are the most liberal arm of the Democratic party.
3. Latinos are the fastest growing ethnic group in America.
4. Hillary Clinton is gaining support for her Presidential run, especially among her own party elite.
5. George W. Bush is a highly effective President.
6. Gay Marriage is supported by most Georgians.
7. Labor unions are highly effective in Georgia and that was recently proven at Delta and at Ford.
8. George Bush's Social Security plan is more popular that the Democratic one.
9. In general, the number one concern of most Americans concerning Welfare is the length of time the recipients spend on the welfare rolls.
10. Most Americans feel we were duped on the WMD issue in Iraq.
11. 98% of America feels we need to stay the course in Iraq.
12. Most Americans feel like the government wastes our tax money to some degree.

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*quick note - it might help to say what book you're using and what chapters it's over.

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um barrons book ap us government and politics

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