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Lame Teacher...HELP!

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Lame Teacher...HELP!

SO here's the thing. My Government teacher is not teaching uanything. He goes off on class length tangants about the Patriot Act or his personal life or something but he never gets to the class. What am I suppoesed to be learning, and does anyone know any good websites I can use to help teach myself before the AP Test??

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First off, I would go talk to your teacher about the problems you are having learning in his class. Then, I would recommend getting a review book for the AP Gov. Class a barnes and noble. It really helped me out and I'm sure it will help you! Good luck!

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Haha I know how you feel that is how it was with my teacher last year.  Some friends and I just decided to ask him about alot of things either off topic or a different aspect of the text.  Made the class much more interesting

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