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About Political Party Succession

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About Political Party Succession

Being the day before the exam and all, I thought I'd see if anyone on here could clarify something for me. I keep getting all of the political parties throughout the ages mixed up. I know that it started out with Federalists and Democratic-Republicans, then Democrats and Whigs, then Republicans and Democrats, or something like that.

Is there any source or reference that has something of a progression of these parties and what the characteristics of each were? (Like: Populists favored a silver standard, etc...)


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i know this is after the test but hey u never know what might come in handy =).

This is what i still remember (there could be more that i can't remember off my head):

Federalists (Hamilton, Adams) vs Jeffersonian Republicans (Democratic Republicans; Jefferson, Madison)

Era Of Good Feelings (Democrats)

Democrats(Quincy Adams) and National Democrats (Jackson)

National Democrats (Jackson, Van Buren) vs Whigs (all of Jackson's opponents: Clay, Webster, Calhoun, Tyler)

Democrats and Republicans (b4 Republicans was an anti-expanionist party)

and this goes on

Here's some of the 3rd parties in US history:

Anti-Masonic Party (against Free Masons, formed in early 1800s, 1st party to use party conventions to nominate candidates instead of caucaus)
Know-Nothing Party (Against immigration, formed in the 1840s i think)
Populist (Omaha Platform, Party for farmers, integrated into the Democrats after William Jenning Bryan's Cross of Gold Speech)

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