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After the exam?

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Joined: May 2005

Well, lets see. I went to about 13 min of our 20 min lunch period. Then I went to photography class where we goofed off and talked about the photo opening that night. then (lucky me) I got to go take a physics test. It was on sound waves though so it wasn't bad. then we watched amusing videos. Good times.

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Joined: Mar 2005

my friend and i ate at a nice restraunt, went to her house and played around on myspace. we made cuccakes and watched pochohauntis. i have 3 AP tests earlier in the week, then my SAT yesterday. my art test is on wed too...ahhh!

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Joined: Feb 2005

CBA... you wouldnt happen to be in Cleveland, would you? thats EXACTLY the weather we had...

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Joined: May 2005

Nope, not in Cleveland. Minnesota, so I shouldn't be bothered by the snow, I just hadn't seen it so late in the year.
The again, we do only have two seasons here, winter and road construction!

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Joined: May 2005

I had to go into school on a much needed day off and take the dame test, so i wasn't the happiest of campers while taking it, :mad: but i was very happy..no wait, EXSTATIC when it was finally over. It was better than i expected. All i can remember after the test was passing out at home, popping in the Phantom of the Opera and catching up on some much needed sleep. Then the great feeling of relieve to have my two ap tests over with was RUINED by the fact that i had to take my SAT the next day... i was majorly bummed after that :( . Later that nite, my friends and i kept an eye out for those college board ap nuerotics who were proabably eavesdropping as we discussed the multiple choice and essays long before the 24 and 48 hour waiting periods were up :eek: ...lol..talk about control freaks.


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