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American Pageant Unit 1 Major Themes

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American Pageant Unit 1 Major Themes

Not sure how much this will help but these are the terms/SFI that you should know from Unit 1, please let me know whether this is any good for you or not, if not I will not post the others then, because this takes time to type.

Between 1607 and 1763, British North American colonies developed experience i, and the expectation of self-government in the political, religious, economic, and social aspects of life.

  1. Caravel
  2. conquistadors
  3. encomienda
  4. Columbian Exchange
  5. Enclosure Movement
  6. indentured servant
  7. Trade and Navigation Acts
  8. Mayflower Compact
  9. Roger Williams
  10. Great Puritan Migration
  11. New England Confederation
  12. Freedom of consciences
  13. Jonathan Edwards
  14. Halfway covenant
  15. Salem Witch trials
  16. city on a hill
  17. William Penn
  18. Puritans
  19. Paxton Boys/Regulators
  20. Historical perspective
  21. Proclamation of 1763
  22. Triangular trade
  23. Scots Irish
  24. Dominion of New England
  25. African Diaspora
  26. Lord Baltimore
  27. Christopher Columbus
  28. Benjamin Franklin
  29. proprietary, royal, charter colonies
  30. Peter Zenger trial
  31. King Philip's War
  32. George Whitefield
  33. Great Awakening
  34. Thomas Hobbes
  35. mercantilism
  36. Bacon's Rebellion
  37. Harvard College
  38. Middle Passage
  39. Phyllis Wheatly
  40. Pequot War
  41. Pueblo Revolt
  42. Acadians
  43. Old Lights/New Lights
  44. Leisler's Rebellion
  45. Blue Laws
  46. disenfranchise
  47. Act of Toleration
  48. John Rolfe
  49. primogeniture
  50. Jamestown
  51. Pilgrims/Separatist
  52. House of Burgesses
  53. Anne Hutchinson
  54. William Bradford
  55. French and Indian War
  56. John Locke
  57. Iroquois Confederacy
  58. head right system
  59. Salutary neglect
  60. Albany Plan
  61. James Oglethorpe
  62. Fundamental Orders
  63. Molasses Act 1733
  64. Pontiac Rebellion
  65. Congregationalism
  66. Pope's rebellion
  67. Calvinism

1.How was like in America transformed with the arrival of the Europeans beginning in 1492?

2.Compare ad contrast major European groups that settled in North America between 1500 and 1700 in terms of culture, economics, and treatment of natives.

3.Compare and contrast major grouping of British North American colonies in terms of their social , religious, economic and political development. Explain factors that led them develop differently.

4.In what ways did the French and Indian Wat alter the political, economic, and ideological relations between Britain and its American colonies?

*note that this is not my creation, it is a sheet given by my AP teacher- Mr.Trotter- I am doing this because I thought this could help some people. I have
2 other Units sheet, may post them up later.*

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