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Andrew Jackson trial for my class...

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Andrew Jackson trial for my class...

Our teacher assigned us roles to play for this Andrew Jackson trial and I was wondering if you guys could help me find information for the defense.

Here are the charges made against Jackson by the prosecution:
1. Destroying the separation of powers by illegally expanding the powers of the executive.

2. Destroying the federal system of government by eroding the power of the state gov.

3. Undermining the American economy by ill-advised and politically motivated actions.

4. Failing to carry out the principals of the Declaration of Independence regarding African Americans, Native Americans, women, laborers, Mormons, Catholics, and others lacking power.

Witnesses for the DEFENSE:
Andrew Jackson
Peggy Eaton
John Eaton
Martin Van Buren
Daniel Webster
Roger Taney*
Levy Woodbury
Someone to read "diary" of Rachel Robards

Witnesses for the PROSECUTION:
Henry Clay
John Calhoun
Nicholas Biddle
John Q. Adams
Cherokee Chief John Ross
John Marshall
Robert Hayne*
Louis McLane
William J. Duane

* = the witnesses that I'm assigned to play (yeah, I'm both defense and prosecution lol)
Even though I'm playing the part of both sides, I'm supposed to be helping the defense side gather information. So far we have

The Elastic Clause - gov. does what it deems necessary
Veto and Checks & Balances - president is not violating rights because he is vetoing
Maysville Road veto - kept the power to the states

...yeah, I don't have much so far. I'm actually going to start researching now and add more stuff as I go. Anyway, if anyone can help, I'd be grateful ^_^

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