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AP History Paper, HELP?

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AP History Paper, HELP?

The war against the British Is Not Justified. Defend this argument.

The Revolutionary WAR!
i just need help starting the paper, some ideas to work around.
i think the war is justified, so now i have to defend the other side....

i have to write 4 pages on it and it's due friday!

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Joined: Oct 2009

The war against the British Is Not Justified. Defend this argument<---that's my topic!

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Look at it from the British subject's perspective( you know the ones in Britain):

Think about what led to the Revolutionary War, not just the taxes, but other laws/acts that were passed by the British. Remember that the French and Indian war was fought (1745-1763) right before the taxes and laws/acts were levied against the colonies. What did the British subjects think about the colonists during the F&I war and how does that war play into the new laws/acts and taxes that slowly led to rebellion. They had about 12 years between the two wars (Rev. war:1775-1783) what was going through Parliament's head and the rest of Britain's subjects (sans the colonists) that made them believe the rev. war was rebellion, not a war for independence. Remember that the colonists who were actively fighting in the war were NOT the majority.

Hopefully that will help get you started. If you have a more specific question, ask it and I'm sure someone will reply.

Happy Writing! (well not really, actually that's what I should be doing right now..:D)

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