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apbush ch 1-22 study guide!!!!!

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apbush ch 1-22 study guide!!!!!

View Document: IBUSH (IB only) final study guide ch 1-22

IBUSH (IB only) final study guide ch 1-22
by Danielle Gilley
December 15, 2006

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Pilgrims were known as Separatists because…
a. Jamestown survived because…
b. Roger Williams is best known for…
c. Mayflower Compact important b/c…
d. colonial examples of a proprietary colony?
e. Indentured Servants were important to the Chesapeake because…
f. The most distinctive feature of RI was
g. primary cause of Bacon's Rebellion was…
h. Primary ethnic groups in America?
i. major religious denominations?
j. By 1775, tax-supported churches were?
k. Describe 'new light' preachers of G. Awakening
l. How did the F & I War get started?
m. Purpose of the Albany Congress in 1754?
n. Results of the French and Indian War?
o. mercantilist doctrine b/w GB and colonies
p. Colonists objected to the Stamp Act because…?
q. The 1st Cont. Congress was called to…?
r. Common Sense is important because…?
s. the Tories, Patriots, Whigs, and Loyalists.
t. purposes of the Declaration of Independence?
u. The Battle of Saratoga was a key victory b/c…
v. Economy of the US after the Revolution was…
w. America's first priority after the war…
x. AOC were approved when?
y. Articles of Conf. left Congress unable to…?
z. The Northwest Ordinance did what?
aa. Shay's Rebellion is important because…?
bb. Constitutional Convention was called to…?
cc. The Great Compromise was…?
dd. three-fifths compromise?
ee. Purpose of The Federalists Papers was to
ff. The Constitution was ratified once…?
gg. Who was in Washington's cabinet?
hh. Hamilton's financial plan for America was…?
ii. Jeffersonians were mostly made up of…?
jj. Washington's farewell address in
kk. The VA and KY resolutions were…?
ll. Marbury v. Madison is important b/c…?
mm. Purposes of the Lewis & Clark…
nn. How did TJ deal with the Brits and French fighting the Nap. wars?
oo. The Battle of New
pp. How did Madison deal with the with the Napoleonic wars?
qq. Why did US get involved in the War of 1812?
rr. basic importance of Marshall's court cases,
ss. US acquisitions and why/how we got them
tt. Tippecanoe & Horseshoe Bend resulted in…
uu. Import. US Diplomat in the Era of Good Feelings?
vv. Hartford Convention is important b/c…?
ww. Results of the War of 1812?
xx. Details of the American System
yy. As a result of the Missouri Compromise…
zz. Webster-Hayne debate, 'corrupt bargain', and the 'SC Exposition.
aaa. Why did Jackson veto the Maysville?
bbb. Treaties of 1818 & 1819 w/ England did…?
ccc. the Monroe Doctrine is important b/c
ddd. what did Jackson do with the BUS?
eee. Mormons aroused hostility from many because…
fff. The Seneca Falls Convention
ggg. Big issues during Tyler's administration
hhh. “Manifest Destiny' represents means…
iii. British-American conflict over Oregon country
jjj. immediate cause of the Mexican War was…
kkk. The phrase “spot resolutions' refers to…
lll. Guadalupe Hidalgo resulted in…
mmm. Be familiar with TX revolution
nnn. Be familiar with the influx of
ooo. basic American industrial revolution stuff
ppp. Be familiar with all of those reformers
qqq. Be familiar with cool transcendentalists
rrr. Be familiar w/ the not so cool James K. Polk
sss. Popular sovereignty was the idea that…
ttt. know the terms of the Compromise of 1850
uuu. know the Kansas situation
vvv. be familiar with the crazy John Brown
www. Lincoln-Douglas debates
xxx. be familiar the election of 1860
yyy. states that left 1st, left 2nd, and those slave states that stayed
zzz. Lincoln's first goal for the war was…
aaaa. + and - of the N and S?
bbbb. Grant's basic strategy in the war
cccc. European powers favored war b/c…
dddd. Jefferson Davis's biggest problem's throughout the war?
eeee. Be familiar with the battles of the war
ffff. Emancipation proclamation
gggg. 13, 14, 15 amendments
hhhh. election of 1864 information
iiii. Freedmen's Bureau
jjjj. 3 plans for reconstruction we discussed
kkkk. Black codes
llll. Johnson and Congress' problems
mmmm. Military reconstruction

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Thank you sooo much! I am answering these questions right now as a good way to study. They are really helping.

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