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APUSH in-class essay

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APUSH in-class essay

Well, I have an in-class essay tomorrow and I need some help. There's 3 questions and I don't know how to do them. I looked in the book and it's pretty complicated.Here are the questions:

In what ways did the 2nd Great Awakening and religion influence the reform movement in the period of 1820-1860?

Access to the extent which economic changes in America society encourage two of the movements: public education, temperance, and woman's rights

To what extent were the transcendentalists and other writers of the era critical to American society from 1820-1860.

I wrote the questions fast since he didn't give us enough time to write down the question.

I'm thinking the first one is the easiest to answer but it's kind of hard now. If anyone knows how to answer these, it'd be appreciated. (:

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