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APUSH study tips?

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APUSH study tips?

i cant focus while im studying for apush.. the sats and ap test are coming up.. and i need to start intense studying. LOL
so can any of u share any study tips u use? or something that can help me concentrate.. thanks :)

&&do u have any practice mc sites? like the kind that u can take&check online.. <3

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i'm taking th APUSH test too and i use this site http://www.historyteacher.net/USQuizMainPage.htm hope it woks for you!
btw good luck!

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check out www.bubbabrain.com for studying for AP US

Study for the AP US EXAM ON


How to use bubbabrain
• Select a grade level on the left hand menu, and click on it.
• Select the subject, and click on the subject drop-down arrow.
• Select a word set from the drop-down menu and click submit at the bottom of the page.
• The top left box will say “find this” and a definition will be listed below. Click on the term that matches the definition. A new definition will appear, and you must find the new definition.
• Continue until you have cleared the rest of the board.

Show your friends…they will dig it

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-this website is rather helpful (pratice quizzes after each chapter)
-you can also use castle learning: https://castlelearning.com/review/login.asp
(its for new york state regents stuff but it also has ap us history on it, you do need a login tho)
-offical cram packet:
-my school has memberships to other websites: facts on file, worldbook online, etc. which are all rather helpful

best of luck

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