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Big DBQ on Women's Suffrage

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Big DBQ on Women's Suffrage

For our end of semester project we must create our own dbq. I was given Women's Suffrage as my topic and I must find 9 articles, comics, speeches and so on. Then come up with a question, and write an dbq about it. Any help or ideas for questions would be very helpful! :)

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Suggestions for Primary docs---
-Seneca Falls Declaration ( A group of women led by Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Coffin Mott planned a convention in July 1848 where about 100 women showed up to discuss the rights of women.) BIG_ HUGE_ MUST USE THIS ONE_
-LetterVIII: On the Condition of Women in the United States (1837)
-Quote by Elizabeth Cady Staton at the National Convention at the Cooper Institute "(marriage)is by no means an equal partnership. the silent partner loses everything. On the domestic sign..." Search for it in google, it goes for a paragraph or so. Talks about how woman are owned by their husband.

An outline of major stuff- forgive the spelling- i was rushed.



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