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can anyone check over my essay please?

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can anyone check over my essay please?

John F. Kennedy: A Toast
We have gathered to remember President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, one of the greatest presidents America had ever seen. He was truly a peoples president. He was an all American man, whose untimely death rocked America to the core.
As a young man John Kennedy led a privileged life. His father was a recognized stock speculator, and sent him and his siblings through private school. He began his schooling at Canterbury until an illness led him to transfer to Choate. He was an athlete, though admittedly not a great one and he was a decent student. Kennedy was great friends with his siblings.
While in college at Princeton, Kennedy developed a serious illness that led to him getting sent home. He started at Harvard during the next fall semester. He began as a poor student, until his father, the American Ambassador the Great Britain, sent him on a job in Glasgow. He ended up graduating summa cum laude and getting his thesis published as Why England Slept.
After graduating college, the two eldest Kennedy brothers joined the military. John Kennedy was unable to join the Army because of a back injury and ended up joining the Navy. He and his crew were once left stranded on an island for seven days. This also left his back injury worse and caused him to need surgery and resign from the military. He pursued a career in journalism but felt that he would rather be causing something to happen than reporting on something that had already happened. Persistence from his grandfather and father led to him to politics, and running for Congress. His campaign as a peoples politician led him to winning by a landslide. His campaign involved knowing the town and not just the issues By 1950 Kennedy had won his third election to the House of Representatives, and he was planning on running for Senate. He won the race against Henry Cabot Lodge Jr., who withdrew on election night.
Later in 1950 he also met Jacqueline Bouvier, whom he asked out during an interview she was giving. He proposed to her in 1953, and they were married on September 12, 1953.They had a good marriage except for a few problems caused by politics, and the two miscarriages that Jackie had. Two more back surgeries would cause more stress for the family. While in the hospital JFK wrote his Pulitzer Prize winning book Profiles Of Courage.
In 1956 Kennedy lost his race for vice-president and his wife had her second miscarriage, but in 1957 they were blessed with a daughter named Caroline. Two years later Kennedy began his campaign for Presidency. He traveled the country campaigning. When he could not speak, Jackie spoke for him. For his vice-president he chose Texan Lyndon B. Johnson. His campaign was for ending poverty in the U.S. and abroad, extending civil rights, and easing Cold War tensions. Kennedy claimed that he offered challenges, not solutions, to American citizens.
On January 20, 1961 John F. Kennedy was inaugurated as the 34th president of The United States of America, only two months after the birth of his son, John F. Kennedy Jr. During his presidency, President Kennedy started a plan to improve the surplus of food sent to the jobless and needy. He also formed a plan to improve the economics, education and agriculture in Latin American countries. Kennedy also began the Peace Corps, which aims to develop underdeveloped countries.
On November 22, 1963 President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas Texas by Lee Harvey Oswald. His untimely death deprived America of the chance to see the further changes that would have taken place with such a fantastic president.

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I think it's pretty good, although you could talk more about what he did during his presidency. ^^

capitalization? who the heck came up with this horrible rule?!

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thankies, i appreciate it much!

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