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Ch. 5 Vocab Terms

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Ch. 5 Vocab Terms

My text book is currently in my locker, and the website doesn't have the following terms. Where may I get them, or will someone just give them to me?!?!

Tenant farmer
Penal code
Revival secular


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agitators- the scots-irish
speculation- people buy land and then sell it in small peices for money
mobilty- beging able to move in the social classs- caused people to come to colonies
elite- clergy
almshouse- poor peeps went there- had to waer The letter A
tenat farmer- would farm and pay rent to landowner with crops- could get into debt
apprentice- person that moved from home to master a skill
sry dude.. all i know

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"To many people spend money on things they don't need, to impress people they don't like, with money they don't have."

"When all else fails read the directions."

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you could also try dictionary.com for the more literal meanings.

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Dictionary.com is going to give you dictionary definitions, not APUSH definitions.

Just look them up on wikipedia or google.

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