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Colonial Movements

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Colonial Movements

ok so my teacher is giving us this essay type thing to do and its about intulectual movements during colonial america and she told us to use our AP european notes for help but i never took AP euro.

What are the characteriztics of the following movements:
The Great Awakening

if you know how each related to the colonial mindset that would be great too. thanks

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Hate to say it, but your best resources here are probably going to be your textbook, a review book, and google. In a nutshell, puritans were very strict on their rules, think crucible, scarlet letter, witch hunts, and there were several groups up in the new england colonies that were even more strict than most other sects. The strict groups that most US History books concentrate on were not very tolerant of anything that didn't conform to their religion and ideals. Very tough times.

The enlightenment was when attention was turned to science and reason and logic following I think the glorious revolution and other similar events in Europe where people started to question religion and focus on more worldly affairs

The great awakening is where fear overtook the nation and they started reverting back to old religious principles. It was started (allegedly) by John Edwards who - I believe, I may be thinking of someone else - talked about how if you don't follow puritan principles then you're going to die and live a horrible afterlife in hell. Yeah, his sermons made people faint and he spoke in a monotone -that's some power. And then there was this whole fight between the people who kept their old values and people who kinda followed the old ways, but put a new spin on it...

yeah, you'll probably need to know specifics though...

If I find anything I'll post it here.

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