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So I need a little help, what were some similarities and differences between the colonies? (and areas, like south, mid, and new england)

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New England is more industrious and much of the wealth and trade occurs there. Transportation and aspects of life are much more better in New England than in the South. The South focuses a lot on agriculture and farming. Slavery is also quite dominant in the South and it is basically incorporated within the Southern lifestyle. More governmental control is also located int the North. The South was not usually for the government due to slavery issues. That is one of the reasons of the civil war. The middle colonies were just a mix of both. Some were slave states and some were not. New states coming into the union would be a either a slave state or a free state based on the Tallmadge Agreement. If you need more info e-mail me or contact me through AIM: Apfaq


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Was slavery that strong in Southern colonies though?

I thought that they were too expensive then to turn a profit for most people.

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no, originally they were not and slavery was just as common in all three sections. The south was more plantations, the middle were farms, and the north was seaports and trading wa steh big deal.

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