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Cotton DBQ question!!!

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Cotton DBQ question!!!

Can anyone help with this topic?
In what ways and to what extent did the invention of the cotton gin, the mass cultivation of cotton, and early abolitiomism affect the southern economy and the expansion of slavery?

Can someone help me with three main ideas, and a thesis. This is due tomorrow so I need quick help. Thanks

We have to use are knowledge of the period 1793-1858 and Doc. A- I to hep write this essay.

Doc. A- the petition of Eli Whitney to Thomas Jefferson, 26, 11 May to 31 August 1793
Doc. B-Solomon Northup, a New Yorker anda freeman when he was kidnapped and sold as a slave in 1841
Doc. C- A picture of a slave sale in Easton Maryland (1852)
Doc D.- a chart of the slave population gowing up
Doc. E.-Hinton Helper, The Impending Crisis, 1850
Doc. F.- a politcal cartoon: Abolition frowned down, 1839
Doc. G-John C. Colhoun, "Slavery a Positive Good," Speech to U.S. Senate, 1837
Doc. H- "Cotton is King," speech given by James Henry Hammond on March 4, 1858.
Doc. I- Speech on slavery by Franklin Pierce, 1838.

:D Heather B.

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