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Couple of Questions

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Couple of Questions

Hello, i realize it is the day before the test, but i was wondering if anyone could help me out with some things:

History of Black Immigration
Eisenhower and addressing the Cold War
Important New Deal Programs

Thank you!

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i have some info about the new deal! also, i recommend www.studystack.com you can search "alphabet soup" and learn about a few new deal programs.

NIRA- national industrial recover act - blue eagle was the symbol - controversial recovery program was overturned in the "sick chicken court case"

AAA- agricultural administration act - helped the farmers - i think it was overturned too

TVA - the first time the national goverment involved in regional planning, the Tennessee Valley Authority had to do with dams and rivers in tenneesee

CCC- civilian conservation corp, a relief agency that provided jobs
PWA- also provided jobs - public works administration

FDIC - the federal deposit insurance co. , part of the Glass Seagall Banking Act and the bank holiday

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there was nothing on those on the exam
not that i rember

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