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DBQ Was The American Revolution actually Revolutionary?

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DBQ Was The American Revolution actually Revolutionary?

What i need to answer.

Was the "American Revolution," a sudden momentous, radical change in the political and/or social situation? Was it revolutionary?

i need some ideas to talk about in my opening statement

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No, it wasn't at all, it was a slow process with little bloodshed. French revolution= mass killing. Russian revolution= mass killing. American revolution= barely any death at all

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Though I would agree that the American Revolution was not a Revolution because though America won it's independence from Great Britain, the average life of the American citizen was not drastically changed- if changed at all. The only thing that changed up until the Constitution was ratified was a switch in formal sovereignty. King and Parliament to the States.

However, I do not think that the number of deaths counts that much when it comes to radical change. For example, a plague itself isn't by definition, a revolution. Although death may contribute to radical change, the people that live end up making the rules. After the French Revolution (no matter how many lives were lost) the French changed the rules. After the Russian Revolution (no matter how many lives were lost) the Russions, I'm assuming, changes the rules. Although America fought a war for independence, the essential rules didn't change, hence it was not a revolution, but a war for independence.

I also do not think that the thousands that did die during the War for Independence died without cause. And there were thousands. That fact shouldn't be trivialized because they did in multitudes for a cause.... and population wasn't stated in the question anyway, so wouldn't be applicable in the essay.

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the americans were fighting to keep things the virtually the same as they had always been. They didn't desire a complete seperation at first, which showed they just wanted to be allowed to live the way they had been living.

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