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Early 1800s Questions

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Early 1800s Questions

Here are some multiple choice questions that go along with the American Nation Textbook [early 1800s]. Message me for answers.

1.) After the election of 1800, the Constitution was amended to change
a. voting procedures in the Electoral College.
b. the laws regarding political parties.
c. the suffrage requirements for voting in national elections.
d. presidential term from six to four years.
e. the date of the presidential inauguration.

2.) Thomas Jefferson did NOT believe that
a. city growth would complicate society.
b. blacks were an inferior race.
c. manufacturing was the key to national prosperity.
d. humans were selfish by nature.
e. the majority should rule.

3.) President Jefferson's first administration did NOT
a. repeal the Naturalization Act of 1798.
b. repeal the Whiskey Tax.
c. reduce the national debt.
d. cut appropriations for national defense.
e. revoke the National Bank's charter.

4.) The legal precedent for the Supreme Court's authority to declare acts of Congress unconstitutional was established when
a. a federal court acquitted Aaron Burr of treason charges.
b. the Marbury v. Madison ruling was handed down in 1803.
c. the House impeached federal judge John Pickering.
d. Congress repealed the Judiciary Act of 1801.
e. Jefferson pardoned Justice Charles J. Holden.

5.) President Jefferson's first foreign policy decision was to
a. send a naval squadron to the Mediterranean.
b. purchase Florida from Spain.
c. remove the British from northwest forts.
d. purchase Louisiana from the French.
e. send American troops to aid French Revolution.

6.) Which one of the Caribbean islands played a key role in the Louisiana Purchase?
a. Martinique
b. St. Croix
c. St. Dominique
d. Barbados
e. Cuba

7.) The Lewis and Clark Expedition was commissioned to explore the
a. Louisiana Territory.
b. Spanish Southwest.
c. Grand Canyon.
d. Trans-Appalachian West.
e. Red River Valley.

8.) John Randolph of Roanoke was notable as
a. a co-conspirator with Aaron Burr.
b. the man who negotiated the Louisiana Purchase Treaty.
c. first governor of the Louisiana Territory.
d. a staunch defender of states' rights.
e. the leader of the Essex Junto.

9.) Thomas Jefferson's political career "ended on a sour note" because of the failure of the
a. impressment policy.
b. Louisiana Purchase.
c. Republican effort to purge the federal courts of Federalists.
d. Embargo Act.
e. Lewis and Clark Expedition.

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