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Early Colonial Life Essay Confusion

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Early Colonial Life Essay Confusion

I'm doing a summer assignment, and I have to write an essay about how the Plantation Colonists demonstrated that they learned from the Jamestown settlers. Basically, I have already discussed the failures of the Jamestown colony, but I'm not sure how the Plantation Colonies showed that they learned from their failures.
I've tried reading and researching, but I'm still SO confused. How long should this essay be?

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Make it as long as it needs to. Length really should not be an issue; rather the material. Know the material, and ANALYZE.

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I agree. I don't recognize that particular question as being an official AP essay question, but those would be expected to be about 2 pages. Under testing conditions, you only have about 30 minutes, so they don't expect that much from you in terms of length. If it's a DBQ, though, shoot for about 4 pages. But it's more about what you put in the essay than how long it is.

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