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Essay help... Please... needed asap

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Essay help... Please... needed asap

I am so sick of Essays! I have one that I am especially struggling with, help would be very appreciated.

Explain how the following pairs are similar in their goals and strategies.
1. Progressivism and the New Deal
2. Women's suffrage and post WWII Feminism
3. The New Deal and the Great Society

I am pretty confident about number two but I need notes for one and three. And a THESIS... (I have grown to hate that word!) Help please

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1 Both wanted a strong central government to help with what was going on at the time. The New Deal however came up with policies that would help the people get back on their feet and do good while progressive reform had to do with moral and social uplift through religion, the sciences, and education. There were many downfalls to progressivism though because it lacked coherance or unity to really be a movement. Also, it fails to recognize that scientists wer not always right or being impartial with their findings. Also it failed to really improve the democratic system, it only extended the power of the states. Some things that occured during progressive era are the Pure Food and Drug Act, minimum wage for women (at the state level) was established, restricted child labor (state level), at the local level they expanded high schools, suppressed red-light districts (prostitution), and established playgrounds. A really good example would be the Hull House founded by Jane Addams in Chicago. The new deal was trying to fix the country through "reform, relief, and recovery" as he had to deal with the mess left over by the depression. His policies instead of being aimed at religion, sciences, and education were aimed toward the government and state agencies to help repair things. For example the CCC (the civilian commision corps) was a government group, one of the new deal's groups which is also called the alphabet policies because of how they are called, that hired young men to work and live elsewhere while getting paid. For example you could be paid to go and live in montana with other guys and work while cleaning national parks or building schools. (my high school was a ccc project). The TVA (the tennessee Valley Authority is one of the most famous its long to explain so look it up.) His policies were aimed at giving work to the people to help build the economy and create more jobs for people. FDR went about his policies on what the nation needed not morally but financially and economically while Roosevelt and Wilson went about theirs in a way that promoted moral and social change.

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