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essay questions

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essay questions

our ap us class hasn't done any frq's or dbq's :eek::eek:

we've done 2 big essays, but that doesnt really prepare you for doing it under intense time constraints. how far have you guys gotten on this issue

the teacher said we'll start dbq's 2nd semester though...

anyways, how far have you gotten and tips would be welcomed:cool::D

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well... we only did 2 dbqs... and I think 1 or 2 essays... but anyways, dbqs are nothing to worry about as long as you know your stuff... what u do is look at each one.. jot down notes... take about i think 10-15 min. to do that, and then you write your essay... is fairly simple... so don't worry about it. we never done dbq in a required amount of time... i think is 45 min. and I was a bit worried... but... as you practice, you ll get better.

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To be quite honest, I love DBQ. It's just the multiple choice questions that kills me. >.>'' I'm really horrible at that because I over-analyze. Heh. Since we have semester long classes, we already did 3 DBQs and we do an essay for every other test.

But anyways, for DBQs, you really need to know your stuff, but even if you barely know it, you have documents to work with. So you just look over all the cartoons, letters, etc and try to figure out what they're asking. Outside information is extremely helpful too. And once you read over the documents and everything, you will usually remember at least an inkling of learning that topic in class so you can us whatever it is you remebered to cite it in the essay. When quoting documents, don't quote entire paragraphs. And don't just summarize all the paragraphs and don't BS it either. The people grading your essay knows this better than anyone else would and they'd know automatically if you're BSing it or if you're just summurizing it. What you can do is when you quote, try to make a smooth transition. An example would be "As noted in Document B, Jefferson said 'A nation that wants to be both ignorant and free, wants what never was and never will be.'".

Good Luck!

capitalization? who the heck came up with this horrible rule?!

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Yea my class has done a lot of DBQ's. we do one for every test (we have had about 10) and we do them for a grade. it's not that fun...

even if your teacher doesn't assigned you one, it's ok to do it on your own.
i have this book that i got for my ap history class... its called The United States History (REA) 7th Edition. It's a big yellow book that I got off of Amazon.com --> it has practice essays that you can write to prepare for the exam and they write an essay to compare yours with. Its a really good book.
i highly suggest it.

hope this helps!


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