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ok so my ap us history teacher made a huge list of info we need to know for our midterm. any ideas about:

- factors that stimulated economic development between 1790-1820?
- 1820-1860 reasons for less southern population?

any help is appreciated, thanks.

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Joined: Aug 2005

1820-1860 reasons for less southern population?
Civil War maybe...blacks running away to the north..

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1790-1820: Alexander Hamilton's program (national bank, high tariffs, etc), Federalist control promotes this program, Monroe Doctrine, neutrality, Henry Clay's American System, internal improvements, westward expansion

1820-1860: the South was not industrial, they were agrarian, slave-labor v. factory system, slave revolts, immigration was in the North, many moved to the Midwest in Kansas and Nebraska, even to California and Oregon

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