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Help! Crazy Questions! Ahhh!

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Help! Crazy Questions! Ahhh!


So, today, my history teacher gave us four questions in which to answer by tomorrow (2/26). However, I'm still on question number one. Any ideas on where to get info (apparently, we can't used the book: American Pageant ed.13), or have any info about them?

#1. In the late nineteenth century, was the U.S. essentially isolationist, essentially expansionist, or a combination of both?

#2. What were the economic and political justifications of that era's foreign policy?

#3. Did the emerging foreign policy of that era change the relationshup of its citizens with the government? If so, how?

#4. Were the "progressives" the voice of Imperialistic tendencies? If so, why?

Thanks for your help!:D

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