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help in slavery chapter

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help in slavery chapter

soo i got assigned chapters 3-4, we move at a very steady pace. and chapter 3 (Planting Colonies in North America) was easy. and chapter 4 (Slavery and Empire) seemed like it wouldnt take up to much time, since we've been taught about slavery since like 1st grade. but i was just wondering what details you thought would be important to know about chapter 4 (Slavery and Empire) to help out and ease the work load.

thaaaaanks to anyone who reponds :)


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Nothing really... considering I'm not sure what book you're using lol... But either way, it's pointless to learn ,honestly... Maybe I just got a bad AP test for it, but nothing was on it. Just know about the middle passage (Britain, Africa, Indies) and you will be fine. Of course you now they were treated badly... so you'll be fine.

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Slavery was hardly profitable pre-1680. It wasn't until after Bacon's rebellion in 1676 that slavery was really sought after in place of indentured servants.

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