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HELP NEEDED ON FRE - reform movements

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HELP NEEDED ON FRE - reform movements

Prompt: "The Reform movements of the period 1820-1860 did not threaten the privileged classes of the United States." Assess the validity of this statement for THREE of the following reform movements:
Asylum Movement
Women's Education
Anti-Slavery Movement

Suggestions GREATLY appreciated :)

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Use Doc A about the juveniles to incorporate Dorthea Dix and her reforms of prisons and treatment of the mentally ill. This supports the statement of expanding ideals. Use the Doc B document by I think its McGuffey to support the Second Great Awakening and such. Use the engraving of the woman, I believe it is Doc. C, to counter the statement about spreading democratic ideals because pro-slavery people did not view slaves as people but women slaves wanted to have rights like fellow free women who they saw as sisters. Just talk about slavery and how it took rights from the enlaved people. The document from Stanton at Seneca Falls in 1848 obviously is womens' rights which expanded democratic ideals. You may also want to use her Declaration of Sentiments which would be outside information which always helps your score. Also, use education with Horace Mann which is more outside information. There is also a document the supports education though I can't remember which one but it is quite clear. The Temperance movement (I can't remember the document letter, but it's a picture of men drinking with "steps") tried to control the public and restrict their freedoms of drinking, hence in did not expand democratic ideals. The picture is trying to show that alcohol tore families apart. Alcohol also made more accidents on the job and decreased production. The Nativists (American Party) did not want suffrage for immagrants whatsoever and this is in Doc. D, I believe, by William F.B. Morse. This doesn't expand ideals as well. Make sure you show both sides of the agruement so your essay doesn't become one-sided.

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