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Hi, I am new here, and i am never great at writing essays, I really need help on 4 thesis statements. The questions are

1) Evaluate the extend to which Article of Confederation were effectively in solving the problems that confronted the new nation.
2) Analyze the extend to which the American Revolution represented a radical alteration in American political ideas and institutions
3) Analyze the impact of the America Revolution on TWO of the following-status of women, slavery, economics.
4) To what extend was the US Constitution a radical departure from the Articles of Confederation?

Please someone help me, usually after i get the thesis after thinking for almost......several hour...I will know what to do to the rest. Oh and I need it by tonight, please someone help me!

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Okay, here's the quick low-down on thesis statements. Basically it's a sentence telling the reader what you're going to prove in your essay. I should be stated as fact and the point of the essay is to prove it true. The fastest way to write a thesis is to restated the given question as a statement with your 3 points/reasons. For instance: the first one here could be "The Articles of Confederation were effective in solving (problem 1), (problem 2), and (problem 3)". Or if you think it was ineffective, just put that there effective is. And if you think it was some of both, you can say "The Articles of Confederation were effective in solving (problem1), but they were ineffective in solving (problem 2) and (problem 3)" The problems could be like specific ones or more broad ones like "social issues" or "economic issues" and then go into further detail in the essay.

Of course, these are the most basic you could spruce up your sentence by changing the structure or wording. For instance you could have "however, they didn't work as well to solve..." where "but they were ineffective in solving..." in the last one.

That's all I got at the moment. Good luck and I might can elaborate later...

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Joined: Aug 2007

thanks for helping me. You know whats funny, my teacher actually pick the 1st choice for the test today! I am so glad I work more on the 1st q than the other 3, thank you so much for helping me starting it out. I don't know how i did but I wish I have written more, I got 6 minutes editing my essay and concluding and that was it, before that I use up the time to write it.

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