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Help with these M/C please

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Help with these M/C please

For some reasons I got a lot of questions wrong for both of the tests. ><; I don't know why. The teacher told me to look it up in the book but I can't seem to find the asnwers in it the book. oO; I don't know why I'm getting it wrong.

1) Davy Crockett's election to Congress was based mainly on his...
a. skill with a rifle
b. extensive knowledge of the law
c. aristocratic background
d. concern for preserving frontier resources

2) Andrew Jackson's political philosophy was based on his
a. support of a strong central GVT
b. advocacy of the American system
c. suspicion of a federal gvt too remote from the people
d.Opposition to the old antifederalist ideals

3.) A. Jackson's cabinet during his first term was
a. a collection of very talented men
b. wrecked by a dispute over the morals of Peggy Eaton
C. Very effective politcal asset
d. Dominated by H.Clay

4) The Eaton affair's most important politcal conssequence was that it aliented A. Jackson from
a. John C Calhoun
b. Martin Van Buren
c. his Kitchen Cabinet
d. The Democratic= Republican party

That was from chatper 13.

5) The "cement that held the Whig party together in its formative days was
a.hatred of A Jackson
b. support of the American System
c. oppposition to the Anti Masonic party
d. the desire for ....(can't see it the paper was cut)

6) The American banking system under A.Jackson can best described as
a. well capitalized
b. centrally controlled
c. wide open
d. limiting bank failures

7) Match each politcal party below with the correct descriptions

A. Jacksonian Democrats
B. Whigs

1. glorified the liberty of the indiviual
2. trupeted the values of community and social harmony
3. tended to favor moral reforms
4. always on guard against the inroads of privilege in GVT
5. Eager to use the pwr of the federal gvt to promote economic growth
6. generally clung to states' rights and federal destraint in public policy

a. A- 1 3 6 B - 2 4 5
b. A - 1 4 6 B- 2 3 5
c. A - 2 4 6 B - 1 3 5
d. A- 1 5 6 B- 2 3 4

8. Both the democratic party and the whig party

a. favored a renewed national bank
b. supported federal destraint in social and economic affairs
c. were mass-based polical parties
d. clung to states' rights policies

9.) the two polical parties of the Jacksonian era tended to
a. promote sectionalism over nationalism
b. take radical and extreme positions on issues
c. take similar positions on issues such as banking
d. socially and geographically diverse

10) One of the positive aspects of the Bank of US was
a. its officers' awareness of the bank's responsiblities to society
b. its preservation of the public trust
c. its promotion of economic expansionn by making credit abundant
d. its issuance of depreciated paper money

11) While in existence the second Bank of US
a. was the despository of the funds of the national gvt
b. iiressponsibily inflated the national currency by issuing federal bank notes

c. limited economic growth by extending public credit
d. forced an ever-incresasing number of bank failures

that's from chap 14.

-.-; Blah I stink at History. Can't believe I took it. ^.^; Thanks for helping me with these M/C. X.X;

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What did you answer for them, or do you know? Here's what I got when I glanced at them, but do realize that I didn't have my book with me, so some will definitly be wrong. What you could also do is look in the index of your book for the answers to some of these. For example, if you looked up 'Whigs', or the Whig party, the book would probably give you a page on which the party was discribed.

I got

Hope this helps!

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these are my answers :D
1 c
2 c
3 b
4 i think A
5 is either D that is cut or A
6 c sounds right
7 b
8 i think it is C
9 d
10 b
11 b
Hey, where did u get those mc from i like them would you please post more and tell me if i did those mc right

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gives answers to questions just like those but now it changed to a different way and links back to the book companys site.

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