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HELP!!Difference between British and Colonies

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HELP!!Difference between British and Colonies

Hey this aimee and i know this sounds stupid but i need just a little chart or something showing me the difference in the religion ,politics,economics,and social structure between the british and colonies i would really help thanks ;)

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um, okay,

Political - Colonies - Mainly Democratic, elected officials
England - Autocratic (ruled by king)

Religious - Colonists - Protestant - left because of religious persecution
English - King separated from church

Social - Colonists - not really a social structure, everyone equal
England - Aristocrats, peasants, etc

Economics - Not really sure....

Hope this is what you meant, and I wish i could add more but I forget!

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....you know, this stuff is listed in most any textbook.

but that obviously means nothing.

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that is seriously a really easy topic. i dont mean to be mean, but it just sounds like your lazy.

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You can get all that from the outlines, seriosuly, look it up!

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