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History Questions- Brikley 11th

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History Questions- Brikley 11th

Does anyone know the answers to these questions? They supposedly come from chapter 17-18 of Brinkley 11th edition.

Describe the various attempts made during the late nineteenth century to create a national labor organization. Analyze the successes & failures of these individual organizations, as well as the overall weaknesses of the American labor movement at this time.

What factors combined to attract the great masses of people to the cities of America? What were the characteristics of these migrants?

Describe the problems created by the stunning pace at which American cities were growing. How well did the institutions of urban life respond to these problems?

How did traditional patterns of immigration to the United States change in the late nineteenth century? What problems were created by these changes, & how were they handled, both by the immigrant groups & by the larger American society?

What problems were created by overcrowding in American cities in the latter half of the nineteenth century? Discuss the various technological & social "solutions" to urban problems devised at this time.

Analyze the impact of industrialization & urbanization on shifting trends in American art, literature, & education in the latter nineteenth century.

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Have you tried to answer them yourself? Is there something in particular you're stuck on? Do you have any info/thoughts on any of the questions?

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