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I am screwed.

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I am screwed.

I signed up for APUSH history this year, ya I know what was I thinking. Luckily my teacher is very easy, probably because she has been teaching for 50 years. My teacher doesn't teach though, like at all. Every class my teacher tells us to open up our textbook and read. Anytime we have a question she tells us to read until we find the answer. Unfortunately, AP exams are creeping up, and I am frightened. AP US is supposed to be the most difficult AP exam and my teacher isn't preparing us for it. I talked to the principal and he said that there was nothing he could do because it so so late in the year. Has anyone here taken APUSH that can give me some wisdom?

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I am currently in APUSH. Does your teacher give you a grade on how well you do on the AP test. Mine doesn't. If you teacher does, sorry. If she doesn't, who cares? If you tank the test, you don't have to let any colleges know your score. Maybe just ask her if you can take a class or two to prepare for the test. If she is unwilling to prepare you, talk to the AP test administrators or whoever is in charge. Teachers have to have special certification to teach AP classes and if you let someone know that she isn't preparing you, they should do something. If not, sorry about your luck. :( Good Luck

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Go on to the college board website, and take a look at some of the practice DBQ's they have. Try to do a few. That will help you out with the free response questions and DBQs. As for the multiple questions that will be on the exam, reading is the best thing you can do. There are a few websites that have practice multiple exam questions (mainly for ch. tests, but nice for reviewing for the exam) that can help. Really, reading chapter outlines like the ones on coursenotes really help. I can see what stuff I still have if you want.


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imtherooster-do you really have to have certification to teach it? I also saw that colleges do see your record.

OMGERZ-I'm kinda in the same situation as you, but for APWH. You might want to look into one of those AP prep books and just start studying on your own, or with a group of other APUS kids.

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Welcome to my life, dear. The teacher I have is completely USELESS. She teaches us nothing, and it has taken her until now to figure out that none of us know how to write a freakin essay. So, I feel your pain of being screwed.

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lol syds. i though t wags was a good teacher but then again i wasnt in ap. yes i do understand that she gets distracted easily, but w/ all the stuff she has to do, who can blame her?
prom commitee
her new poodle(craps everywhere)
the administration all in her face
personally i feel a little bad for her considering she has some kids in her class that want to try to get her fired when shes already quiting at the end of the year...

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