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I need assistance with this essay beezies...please

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I need assistance with this essay beezies...please

ok so its a free response essay and this is the prompt:

"This history of the present King of Great Britain is a history of repeated injuries and usupurpation, all having, in direct object, the establishment of an absolute tyranny over these States." Evaluate this accusatoin made against George III in the declaration of Independence.

My AP us history teacher says to address these questions in response to the prompt:
what has been doen the colonists that could be tyrannical
who wrote the declaration of independence
is the king the party that is guilty- why
why did jefferson target the king.

this prompt is muy hard for me. help would be nice if available. THANKS

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i think jefferson targets the king because the king has the power to give the people what they want and want they need but wont let them have a voice in the government, preventing him from fully understanding the people, constricting their natural rights and surrpressing freedom. Jefferson sees that a monarchy never satisfies the people throughout the study of history and through his personal experiences. he knows how surpressed they are, he wants democracy to spread and the king to want whats best for the people and not himself or parlement. The king tried to bring his enforcing and constuding power on to the new world, the world that strives to be better, not for individual gain, but for the success of a unified nation. a nation not controlled by the people could not become of america so jefferson points out the king and his foriegn ideals in the constitution, warning us againt the evils of monarchy.

well those are some quick thoughts, idk if they will help or were oppinion or just plain off subjuect? hope i helped and ask if you have any other specific questions i could help with.~MICHAELA

Mickizzle :D

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