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I need help with unit four questions

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I need help with unit four questions

I dont get what a lot of these questions are asking and I dont know how to answer them.

1. Analyze the rise of mass politics and popular democracy

2. Contrast Adams and Jackson as symbol of the old and new politics

3. Develop the themr of rising sectionalism in the late 1820's and 1830's

4. Explain both the Indian removal and the Texas rebellion as products of the expansion and land hunger of the time.

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1. I'm pretty this has something to do with the new types of mass communication and increase in literacy and all that stuff.\

2. well, adams is an old stuffy guy and Jackson was this young (well, younger) frontiersman who forewent college and was more attune to the common man and all that jazz.

3. yeah....not too sure about that one. I think they mean the whole states' rights thing with western expansion, but i'm bad with time periods.

4. Well, Indian removal, basically it was give us the good land for this dry, unfertile stuff and we'll pay you (a little they say under the cover of a cough) and give you stuff (a little they say under the cover of a cough). The texas rebellion...
don't remember anything about that, sorry.

Anyways, there's some help at least, good luck and hope that it's not too late.

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