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I need some help with a summer assignment

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I need some help with a summer assignment

I need to state the significance of the following terms:

The Enlightenment in colonial america

The Glorious Revolution's impact on colonial america

The Reformation in colonial america

The Virginia Company

I would really appreciate the help,
Thanks !

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wow if that is all ur summer assignment is i like ur teacher :p ---some of those things are included in my assignment---this is what i know

--The Virginia Company was a joint-stock company that received a charter from King James I of England. This charter is an significant document in American history. It guaranteed the same rights of an Englishmen in England to the oversea settlers. The Virginia Company developed Jamestown, one of the first successful colonies in america.

--When Puritian Massachusetts paid no attention to royal orders, Charles II wanted to punish them. so he gave a sea-to-sea charter to connecticut, massachusetts rival in 1662 and the next year he gave the outcasts in Rhode Island a new charter. Then as a final blow he took away Bay Colony's charter and created the Dominion of New England in 1686. The Puritians did not like this one bit, the people the king put in charge were affiliated with the Church of England -the very reason the puritans left in the first place. Back in Old England the Glorious Revolution occured in 1688-1689 and the people dethroned Catholic James II and enthroned Protestants William III and Mary. because of the Glorious Revolution the Dominion of New Englad crumbled. It also inspired colonists to strike against royal authority in America

i hope this helps! :)

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