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Important War Dates

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Important War Dates

Below is a brief description of important dates from each war. Only some of the most important dates and battles are listed below, I'll hopefully get a complete list up sooner or later, hopefully sooner, but this should be more than enough for studying for the AP exam.

The dates by each war that you see below represent the following:

[War Starts(American Enters War)-War Ends]

American Revolution [1775-1783]

War of 1812 [1812-1815]

Mexican War [1846-1848]

Civil War [1861-1865]

Spanish American War [1898]

WWI [1914(1917)-1918]

WWII [1939(1941)-1945]

Korean War

Vietnam War

Operation Desert Storm

Operation Restore Hope

Operation Enduring Freedom

Operation Iraqi Freedom

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