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Interpreting Documents (DBQs)

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Interpreting Documents (DBQs)

Who said (wrote) it?
When? What do you know about the person (group)? Any significance to the date or time it was written?
What was the purpose of the document? What was the author trying to convince people of?
What was the main point?
And bias evident in the text? Where?
Who was the intended audience?
How valid is the source? How can you tell?

Keep adding yours please!

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1. Read the question and jot down the major ideas before reading the actual documents.
2. Answer the question, don't just discuss the documents.
3. Make sure to begin with a thesis and then follow with a normal essay writing procedure.
4. Avoid referring to the docs. in the exact order that they appear in.
5. You don't have to refer to ALL the docs. in your essay, but make sure you use most of them.
6. Don't paraphrase the docs., show that you understand them.
7. Avoid lenghty quotes from the docs.; you're the author of your essay, not the editor.
8. Examine the source of bias and demonstrate how that bias impacts the reliability of the doc.
9. Bring in as much outside info. as you can.

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