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Jeffersonian Republicans; Characterization DBQ

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Jeffersonian Republicans; Characterization DBQ

So I have this DBQ due tomorrow. And I read the two topics that had about this question and it certainly helped me sorta. Though I did disagree with some statements/didn't find it useful but overall it did. So I finished writing a database, reading the documents provided, and then I just finished writing my intro.

I'd appreciate some feedback, comments, remarks. My History teacher is a really good teacher but harsh at grading so I would appreciate explicit critquing.

The whole heated argument of whether to interpret the Constitution strict or broadly is dated back to the proposal of Alexander Hamilton’s Second Report on Public Credit. The different partisan policies of which Jeffersonian Republicans believed in interpreting the Constitution strictly, while Federalists believed it should be interpreted broadly, continued through the presidencies of Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. However, throughout both presidents’ terms, both parties eventually “bent” their ideals, and followed the opposite party’s beliefs. This is shown through various actions such as the Marbury v. Madison Case, the Louisiana Purchase, the Hartford Convention, and The American System.

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