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Major help!!

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Major help!!

Im doing extra credit worksheets because who doesnt want extra credit in us history? lol Im stuck big time. If anyone knows any answers to any of the following please, please help me!

Why did James Madison think education was important?

Why did Madison fear a monopoly in the press?

What religous group in Rhode Island did Roger Williams fight against?

Why did Williams believe the non-Christians should not be allowed into the church?

Why did Williams believe that Christians should learn to live in the same world with non-Christians?

What did Williams think would happen to Christianity in a society of diverse religions?

What motivates human beings accodring to George Washington?

What did Washington believe should happen to elected officials who failed to govern in the interests of the people?

All the websites say the same thing!lol Please help me, i would greatly appreciate it.

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Well, it's IS extra credit, so you needn't kill yourself if you can't find the answers.
But I really think that with these, you can use prior knowledge and reasoning to figure out the answer to them...

capitalization? who the heck came up with this horrible rule?!

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