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Most powerful strategy

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Most powerful strategy

What is the most powerfull strategy to ace all of your reading quizes and tests because our teacher gives us an outline to do if you score below an A if you don't you don't have to do it and just study however you like. I mean it takes a lot of time to do the outline, i like reading the chapter and understanding it, but is there any other way to ace it everytime without doing an outline all the time?? Please help i am new here and Thanks!

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Try teaching it to a fellow classmate or switch it around. Take online quizzes.

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for me it's all about repeating stuff. i read over the outlines while reading the book so I know the main points and can read those parts; it makes the outlines go faster.
also, my teacher suggested to buy a book online, i'm not sure where, but you can probably find it for a reasonable price somewhere (sorry, the site she gave me i forgot and u cud buy it there for only $15). once you have it, when u need to read it u can go thru it once real quick, highlight important info, then go through it again going thru the more detailed info. u can also referr back to this around ap test time.

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