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1. What was the major effect of the Stono Rebellion?

A. A gradual easing of restrictions on slaves.
B. THe emancupation of all slaves in South Carolina
C. Whites began to worry that blacks might be conspiring against them.
D. Black populations in certain areas were exterminated
E. Whites initiated rebellions in areas where blacks lived.

2. The main purpose of the Navigation Acts was:

A. To eliminate the Dutch as competition for the British.
B. to increase the competitiveness of American traders.
C. to reduce the British advantage in shipping and trade,
D. to guarantee equal trade between Britain and America
E. to force the Americans to pay off war debts.

3. Which of the following accurately describes Virginia statutes regarding Africans from 1619 to 1700?

A. Status remained largely unchanged.
B. Gradually gained freedoms and rights.
C. Initially unclear status changed to slaves for life.
D. Were slaves by mid-century, but gained some freedoms by 1700.
E. Were legally guaranteed freedom

4. What change occurred in the Chesapeake are after the 1680's?

A. There was a large increase in the number of single women who emigrated to the area.
B. Life expectancy rates for those who survived childhood rose significantly
C. The death rate for males over 18 rose significantly.
D. The number of children per couple dropped unexpectedly.
E. People developed a resistance to malaria and other diseases that were prevalent there.

5. How did New Englanders of the time view a hierarchical society?

A. They thought it was an offense against God.
B. They left such matters to nature and did not concern themselves with them.
C. They attempted to reorganize society on a more equal plane,
D. They thought it was the natural order intended by God.
E. They resented it as an artificial structure imposed by the King.

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