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Multiple Choice!

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Multiple Choice!

If you can answer ANY of these please most it would be very much help!

1. What effect did European goods have on Native American structures or authority?

a. tended to weaken and erode them
b. served to strengthen them
c. little impact of any sort
d. forced them into defensive alliances with Europeans
e. forced them to create new political structures

2. St. Augustine in Florida is noteable because

a. it was the only successful Spanish colony
b. it was the first permanent European settlement in what would become the US
c. it served as a Spanish military outpost to attack the English
d. it was located near rich gold deposits
e. it was a major slave trading port

3. Englightenment thinkers

a. believed that society should conform to self-evident natural laws
b. argued that all government should be abolished
c. believed that an all-powerful ruler was the best form of society
d. formed strong alliances with the native populations
e. believed that human societies operated by random chance alone

4. What role did the West Indies play in the American economy?

a. Served to provide needed raw materials
b. Was the primary source of slaves
c. Provided income with which to purchase British goods
d. Served as a dumping ground for excess American production
e. Served as a transport point for materials going west

5. The person that most Europeans regarded as a genuine American philospher was

a. Thomas Jefferson
b. George Washington
c. Ben Franklin
d. Andrew Jackson
e. Metacomet

6. Ben Franklin's Albany PLan

a. proposed a perpetual union with Native Americans
b. implied eventual independence from Britain
c. provided for a colonial peace with France separate from Britain
d. was a plan for colonial union
e. provided the basic for the Declaration of Independence

7. The population of British American

a. remained relatively stable
b. doubled about every 25 years
c. started to decline after 1750
d. increased at a very slow rate
e. changed from a male majority to a female majority

8. The Transportation Act

a. developed the first paved roads in American
b. allowed colonial companies to bulid British roads
c. allowed British judges to send convicts to American
d. funded an improvement in American canals and bridges
e. required British trials for crimes committed in America

9. Into what area did the Germans and Scots-Irish move after 1730?

a. New England
b. Shenandoah Valley
c. Florida
d. New Jersey and New York
e. Ohio Valley

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4. a?
5. c
6. d
7. not c or d
8. d??
9. d....maybe a

sorry i'm not much of a help

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can anyone tell me where did he found these questions?

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