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multiple choice packet...1800-1860 please help

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multiple choice packet...1800-1860 please help

i'm having a bit of trouble finding some of the questions in this packet. any help would be greatly appreciated.

Does anyone know about the Charles River Bridge vs. Warren Bridge (1837) trial and what the supreme court ruled that influenced the direction of the economy?
a) mercantilism was the right economic philosophy for the nation
b) the implied priveleges of old charters were valid
c) one bridge was sufficient for traffic over the Charles River
d) the charter of the Boston Associates was valid
e) new enterprises could not be restrained by old charters

What was the major reasons for the persistent mass violence in 1830's and 40's...?
a) competition among rival football clubs
b) electoral contests between repubs and demos
c) social and economic tensions in society
d) pursuit by the govt of a pro-British foreign policy
e) the agitation of foreign governments

finally. During the first thirty years of the 19th century which of the following occupations employed an increasingly large number of working women?
a) government clerk
b) secretary
c) coal miner
d) textile mill worker
e) foreign language interpreter

Thank you for any help.

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