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My teacher = effin crazy

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My teacher = effin crazy

My teacher is having us do, on top of an overly complicated, difficult project that i will discuss later, a dbq.... that we create. She gave us a prompt each (two groups of five) and we have to create a grading rubric that includes what the essay should talk about and the actual documents for the dbq prompt. we then trade prompts and documents for the other group to write a timed essay on friday and visa versa. My problem is I can't find any good documents that aren't already off limits regarding capitalists as either "captains of industry" or "robber barons". Help please. (Help isn't needed that badly due to the fact that i have a group working on this with me but some input would be appreciated thanks)

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My suggestion to you is to narrow your search. For instance, instead of searching for the general topic, try searching for people or things that fit into that topic i.e. look for "Boss Tweed" instead of "Robber Baron". This should help you get more results that are better suited to your assignment.

Good Luck, and I feel your pain. We've all had that one teacher that keeps piling stuff on. Just hang in there. In a few years you'll find that teachers do that more and more.

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