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My teacher is a moron

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My teacher is a moron

So, I study for a couple hours of a test we were having today. I get into class. I see the test. Looks easy. About ten questions in, one of my classmates noticed that the teacher put the answers in the test, inbetween the multiple choice and the essay portion. I did not notice. Before he took the tests back, I started to skim the answers to see how many I got right. I only missed one. Let's just say I was ticked at this point, because I haven't even gotten a B on a single test or quiz all year, let alone an A. He left us to work on the essay about womens' rights and how they changed since 1790 to the Civil War. With about ten minutes left in class, he decided, "I think I'll give them last year's test." This test included seven chapters, rather then the four we've been working on. Last year they took a test on seven chapters, this year, we split them up into three chapters then four. At the end of the class, as you expect, nobody finished the test. He says, "You'll get to work on it tomorrow." We also have a DBQ tomorrow. We have to take a seven-chapter test and a DBQ in under a hour. Comments?

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I'm not sure there's anything else I can say...

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Yeah, your title sums it all up. You've really got a dumb teacher. I'm sorry...

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Do you guys you a curve in your class? Better hope so.

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You should complain to whoever is in charge of you Social Studies department.


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Tell him to "Suck My DIC*"! Ok well dont do that, but definately let him know that he is giving a shiz load of work.

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I defenitely feel bad 4 u... thats horrible

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I feel sorry for you, maybe your teacher doesn't know what takes to be a student. will, just let him/ her understand that :) of course, not yelling on her/his face infront of the whole class. you can have a friendly about your concerned problem after class by yourself or with a friend with your teacher.

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Omg, that totally sucks. My teacher is a complete idiot too. She doesn't teach the information at all.. just gives us random hand outs and has us depict pictures from the time. It's really an on-your-own course in my case, which sucks... I really could use some in-class time too... Isn't that what teachers are for?

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ouch, sorry. i don't have too good of a teacher myself. i understand that it is "college level" and self-taught, but teachers should be there to help u and not complicate ur life. why can't they just throw the notes at u and let u skip class? its all memorization anyway. on a side note, Bailey is the most ridiculous textbook i have ever had. who cares what the height and weight of a president was??? (rhertorical for all u over-achievers)

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