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Need Help Coming up With Thesis Statement

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Need Help Coming up With Thesis Statement

Hey, My name is Babu and im new to this site. Its real sweet and very helpful.

I have to come up with a thesis statement .

topic: The Business Cycle Throughout American History

The thesis statement has to be arguable.

I have to go from the 15,16th century- Present

Please help me come up with an arguable thesis statement.

Thank You VEry Muuch

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Well you could say. The cycle of business throughout American history has been the gradual progression of capitalism. I don't know how you can include examples.


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It's been interesting. On the whole, we've been moving towards a freer market, but you could argue that a turning point was in the early 1900's when the progressive reforms started to bust the trusts. Then, in the 1920's, it went out again, and with the New Deal, again became more controlled. Since then, it's been an up and down thing with regulation and deregulation and reregulation.

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Ok, you can follow the time frame of Capitalism. Pre civil war stuff- stamp act, taxation with out representation, and all that. In the 1850 onwards: From high protective tarriffs to keep american markets competitive and you can use examples with Vertical and Horizontal integration (think JP morgan and Andrew Carnegie). Also, you can take a stance on which side legislation favors (pro/anti union-Think TR and his centralist view that buisnesses have a right to make profit, but should be controled and regulated-Sherman anti trust act...) Also find some extrememst examples of this (Laissez Faire and Socialist) Hope this helps, if you have any questions, feel free to ask) :o

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