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Need Help, do you know?

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Need Help, do you know?

I need help with identifying the following, can you help me out?

Starving Time
Holy Commonwealth
George Calvert
Toleration Act
Walking Purchase

I need the historical significance regarding US History between 1587 and 1700. Any help is greatly appreciated. Also, besides this site, does anyone have other good AP US History sites, including College Board, Teacher Sites, or Student Sites?
Thanks Again

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Jamestown - first *surviving* colony established by Britain in America.

Starving Time - the first winter where the colonists were too busy trying to find gold rather than build shelter and gather food, so many starved and died.

Plymouth - Pilgrim's landing site, site of first written 'Constitution' - Mayflower Compact, etc. etc.

Can't remember the last four off the top of my head, why don't you check out your history book's index or something?

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or do a search on this website. im sure those terms will come up

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There's a really good timeline that I found the other day (while working on my own) that gives the important things in order, along with dates and their basic significance.

Try [URL=http://www.historyplace.com/unitedstates/revolution/rev-early.htm]The History Place- Early Colonial Era[/URL]

It doesn't have everything on your list, but it has some helpful infor. Otherwise check pages 28-30 for Jamestown, and 44-46 Plimoth(Plymouth). Everything else should be in the first 6 chapters, except Walking Purchase and George Calvert. I don't know if that helps, but I hope it does.
~Missi. Marie

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