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Need help on DBQ question

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Need help on DBQ question

:confused: Heres the question

"What were the economics, social, and political motives for the creation and maintenance of slavery in America? Discuss these issues at some significant length and be sure to touch upon all facts of slavery-racial, gender, and child slavery."

Can someone explain to me what there asking for? i really don't understand it

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Well, I know that slavery was created because of the need for larger and larger food supplies. In early coonial America, tobaco ruined the land and caused the need for rapid expansion Weast. I also know that slavery was kept alive not only for necessity, but also for the need of a floor for the lowest rungs of the social ladder in the south. Fr example, the majorityof the south three quarters, had no need for slavery. They just liked slavery because it gave them a race to be higher than. I hope this helps, and if it doesn't well at least I got some typing practice in. :)

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Well, I agree with olivia. But I also think that there was another social issue. They say that habits are hard to break. If you've had slaves for decades, then wouldn't you feel threatened if you had to let these people who you've been exploiting all their lives go free, not to mention having to give them wages and, as a result, a bit of respect at the very least?

Anyways, the main political reason is basically that then this HUGE population would be able to impact events like elections.

I'm not really sure how to incorporate gender and child slavery....

Oh, one last thing. It's basically asking give some reasons for why slavery was used and touch on the topics mentioned.

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Dont forget about the cotton gin. It had a huge impact on slavery. Also the westward movement had some impact.

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