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Need help with key concepts

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Need help with key concepts

APUSH is killing me right now what are your opinions on these questions

Between 1700-1800
1. What kind of people came to America?

2. Why didnt America become another europe?

3. What was mercantilism and what were its effect on america?

4.Was the American Revolution Britain's vietnam?

5.American revolution, who's victory?(more than just americans over british)

6.Peace at Paris 1783- Why was England so generous?

7.What were the seeds of Nationalism?

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The first question is very broad. All kinds of people came to America, but I would have to say that more middle lower class people. I mean if your rich and comfortable why leave. A lot of people came to escape persecution (religious and otherwise), though. I this helps :)

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america didnt become another europe because the colonists were sick of the persecution that comes a long with a monarch

the american rev was not britains vietnam. other than it being a war, and people dying, im not sure how you can compare the two. one was fought to protect financial interests while the other was fought in a desperate attempt to continue the policy of containment

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1. What kind of people came to America?
Those seeking religious refuge.

2. Why didnt America become another europe?
Because the people who left Europe wanted to live in a DIFFERENT place

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5. American revolution. Whose victory?

THe Americans won the American revolution because they were on a defensive fight. They had an advantage because they were fighting on their territory and they had help from the French. Without the french they would have most likely lost the war. The French made an alliance only because the colonies won the battle at (saratoga?..i think thats the one)...This showed that the colonies had a chance to win against the British so the French helped (by weapons..etc.) (at first the french hesistated because they didnt want to help the side which was losing) because #1 they hated England because it had the most power #2 if the americans win then the french might start up some commerce.
another reason the americans won was because they had a good military leader... George Washington who had good tactics based on the way the British fought in the French/Indian War. Also the support of the people in England was lowering because they didnt feel it was worth their tax dollars etc. which didnt help the English who came into the war confident.... im pretty sure thats right...

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peace treaty of paris !!

british were generous because the whigs who after the revolution came into power wanted to maintain trade with the colonies and also britain wanted to sway america from its french allies by offering it lots and lots of land.

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The following staments, it have to be proved to be ture of false, if is false, change a pharse of it so it will become a ture statement.

1. Colonial resistance to the Townshend Acts import taxes was even more violent and effective than resistance to the Stamp Act.
2. Effective organization created by the First Continental Congress to provide a total, unified boycott of all British goods.
3. Currency authorized by Congress to finance the Revolution and depreciated to near worthlessness.
4. Rapidly mobilized colonial militiamen whose refusal to disperse sparked the first battle of the Revolution.
5.Term fro British regular troops, scorned as "lobster backs" and "bloody backs" by Bostonians and other colonials.
6. The large British debt incurred defending the colonies in the French and Indian War had led Grenville to propose the Sugar Act, Quartering Act, and Stamp Act.
7. The Boston Tea Party was greeted in the colonies by the nonimportation agreements, the stamp Act congress, and the force resignation of stamp agents.

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