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Oh god help me with essay outlines DUE TOMORROW

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Oh god help me with essay outlines DUE TOMORROW

1. Assess this quote please "the end of reconstruction would come not because propertyless blacks succumbed to economic coersion, but because a politically tenacious black community, abandoned by the nation, fell victim to violence and fraud."

Ans: The nations did not help the blacks. The KKK kept them down. The sharecropping and tenancy farming etc. But i dont know how to assess. :( I would think more of it but I have no time :( stupid quarter paper. I would really appreciate this.

2. Assess the compromise of 1877 and how it made the end of the civil war a draw rather than a victory for the North.

Ans: kinda like Q1?

3. Assess the republican motives in reconstruction what drove republicans in their policies?

Ans: to unify the country, dunno ill add more as i have more time

4. Show how the goals of white southerners, salves, and white northerners came into conflict and to what extent each group achieved their goals by the end of reconstruction.

No idea :S

5. To what extent were african american goals of education, economic development and establishing and reaffirming community achieved during reconstruction?

The freedmen bureau with all those schools and hospitals. The blacks refusing to work on the contract and forcing tenancy and sharecropping. The blacks taking more charge of their lives by wanting land.

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