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I don't really know why, but I've been thinking of opinions a lot recently. It occurs to me that the majority, if not all, arguments stem from a difference of opinions. This causes me to wonder, why should one's opinion matter so much.
First of all, I have to wonder what gives someone the right to think that their opinion is important. I suppose that in this "me" generation everyone is under the impression that someone else wants to hear what they think about something. Or, I suppose that person might just be trying to help.
But, then I have to wonder, why should someone care what someone else thinks of their opinion. Why should one care if another disagrees with them? I suppose this might stem from low self confidence which is somewhat ironic because the reason for having an opinion is perhaps arrogance.
So, I suppose after all of this I have to guess, what gives someone the right to have an opinion?? Does someone need intellectual knowledge on the subject. That alone cannot be the only deciding factor can it? Or does one need personal experience? I guess it has to be a combination of both.
Oh well, I'm still not satisfied. I'll just have to muse some more.

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